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SIMAI produces Europe’s widest range of electric tow tractors and platform trucks.

  • Standard tow tractors have towing capacity from 3 to 30 tons.
  • Standard platform trucks have loading capacity from 1,5 to 3 tons.
  • SIMAI great knowhow, acquired during its 50-yearslong history, made it possible to study and produce many special units
    (Tow tractors up to 80 tons towing capacity and platform trucks up to 80 tons loading capacity).

All SIMAI products are realised according to a quality management system following UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 rules.

Electric tractors

Electric tractors: TTE 30

Three-wheels tow tractor, ideal for fast on-line supply duties. Driving position seated or standing with back support. Small rear platform for carrying little loads Towing capacity: 3.000 kg 2 rear... More

Electric tractors: TTE 40

Compact and manoeuvrable three-wheels tow tractor. Very low step on platform for an easy and comfortable access. The low centre of gravity grants great stability and allows the use in places with... More

Electric tow tractors: TTE 71

Agile 3-wheeler tow tractor with narrow steering range. Towing capacity Kg. 7.000 2 rear motive wheels 1 fore steering wheel Fore and rear suspensions Brakes on all 3 wheels - double circuit... More

Electric tractors: TE 70

Compact and manoeuvrable, suspensions with arm with rubberised steel helical springs; it’s the most agile of 4-wheels tow tractors, with extremely reduced turning radius. It can be equipped with... More

Electric tractors: TE 80 IXB

Equipped with standard hydraulic steering, it is the ideal tow tractor for working in areas with height limitations. Low step on platform for easy access. The battery is in rear position, ... More

Electric tractors: TE 151

Powerful, compact tow tractor, capable of great performance. The battery is in rear position, allowing fast replacement, thus making it the ideal unit for working on several consecutive shifts. Small... More

Electric tractors: TE 250 R / TE 300 R

Innovative electric tow tractor with rear driving place. Cabin’s position increases significantly operator’s safety and comfort, granting maximum visibility. The battery is placed in a low, central... More

Electric tractors: TE 250 RR

Powerful tow tractor, apt for intensive use on multiple shifts, thanks to a fast battery replacement system. Towing capacity: 25.000 Kg 2 rear motive wheels 2 fore steering wheels Suspensions:... More

Electric Tractor: TE500RR

Powerful and comfortable 4-wheeler tow tractor Towing capacity 50.000 kg 2 rear motive wheels 2 fore steering wheels Suspensions: fore and rear w/oscillating arms, steel helical springs... More
Platform Trucks

Platform trucks: PE 20 LL

Agile and manoeuvrable of platform truck, with standard hydraulic steering. It can be supplied with tilting and removable aluminium or other material made sideboards (Options). Loading... More

Platform Trucks: PE 15

The most agile and manoeuvrable of platform trucks, with reduced turning radius and standard hydraulic steering. Its platform was conceived to be ideal for installing equipment for various services.... More

Platform Trucks: PE 30

Truck with great capacity equipped with a wide platform.  It can be supplied with tilting and removable aluminium or other material made sideboards (Option). The big and comfortable cabin is the... More
Customised Products

Customised Products: Railways

Operating in the railways sector for more than four decades, SIMAI produces vehicles for trains’ cleaning (having invented the train’s side washing unit) and for trains’ maintenance. All railways... More

Customised Products: Airports

SIMAI has always been on the cutting edge designing and manufacturing tow tractors for airport ground handling, cargo handling and other airport duties. Tow tractors from the “R” series have been... More

Customised Products: Special Transport

In addition to standard units, SIMAI produce also vehicles with higher towing or loading capacity, according to Customers’ operating needs. Furthermore, all SIMAI products can be adapted to Customer... More

Customised Products: Semi-trailers handling

SIMAI manufactures tractors for both lorries and industrial semi-trailers handling. More

Customised Products: Coil Carriers

SIMAI manufactures coils and reels carriers, studying each unit according to duty peculiarities. SIMAI coils and reels carriers can pick up and lift (TB series) or just transport (PEB series). More

Customised Products: People Transport

SIMAI produces people transport vehicles, used in protected areas or in places where circulation has specific restrictions. More